Tile is a great way to increase the value of your home in San Diego County. Tiles are beautiful, durable and can really brighten up your home. However, over time they begin to lose their luster and will begin to look dirty even after sweeping in mopping. That's because tiles and grout are porous, allowing dirt and oils to be absorbed deep in the natural crevices. When you can no longer get your tiles looking brand new after mopping, it's time to call Warner Carpet & Tile Cleaning. We have the products and equipment that will make your tiles sparkle again.


Warner Carpet & Tile Cleaning serving San Diego County, offers green grout cleaning options for customers who want to avoid the use of detergents. The only thing used when you have your tile and grout steam cleaned is water at an extremely high temperature.

3 Benefits of Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning

Improves Air Quality

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Using house hold cleaning products to clean tiles and grout can actually cause more harm than good. These cleaners leave behind a residue that attracts dirt and oils and can work it's way deep into the grout. When this happens, the quality of air inside your home or business can be affected and usually affects those who with allergies. Professional grout and tile cleaning will remove all grime, get your floors looking back to brand new, and help to remove allergens.

Extends Your Tiles Longevity

When dirt gets stuck in the pores of grout and tile, it can start to weaken the tiles. When tiles become weak they are prone to chips and cracks. Routine tile and grout cleaning will help keep tiles strong and help them last longer, ultimately saving you money.
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Does Not Damage Your Tiles

Different kinds of tiles require different kinds of cleaning solutions. You would not use the same cleaner for granite tiles as you would for ceramic. Without this knowledge and with so many kinds of cleaning solutions to choose from, it can be easy to choose the wrong solution. This can cause permanent discoloration or damage to your floors. A professional tile and grout cleaning company will know which solution is best for your floors.

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